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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  October 6, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald inn the skies on the water in the park... and all along the waterfront wall-to-wall people. >> we have been planning for literally a year or better. >> how san francisco is managing an epic weekend that's pushing the city towards maximum capacity. >> just waiting for the prices to go down. >> that waiting is getting expensive. when we may see relief from record high gas prices. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we find ourselves in the middle of a weekend people have been talking about for a long time. on the card today, fleet week, america's cup, hardly strictly bluegrass, and play-off baseball. we'll check the traffic and we'll go to the ballpark live. but we want to start where we have seen the biggest crowds so
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far and that's san francisco's northern waterfront. sharon chin is live on the marina green. sharon. >> reporter: ann, we have a sea of people here at the marina green enjoying fleet week and people saying it wasn't too bad getting here, but getting home could be a problem. reporter: the big show, the blue angels, thundering above marina green just minutes away from the america's cup yacht races along the embarcadero. the embarcadero has been a traffic hotspot all day. part of the reason the right- hand lane from washington to bay street is off limits to cars reserved for bicycles and emergency vehicles. now, congestion is expected on the golden gate and bay bridges hasn't panned out. traffic did slow down though outside of the bluegrass festival at golden gate park but overall, spectators heeded the city's call to take advantage of mass transit's expanded service and we came across people who rode their
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bicycles like this father and son. did you encounter any traffic anywhere? >> not at all. it was actually really good. i think people listened to the warnings and they stayed off the roads. >> we just left our car at the hotel and walk or took a cab an chased down the taxi. >> reporter: tomorrow could be busier. san francisco will host another event, the blue angels, bluegrass festival, sunday's agenda adding an afternoon 9ers game, street festivals and italian heritage parade. people are taking mass transit. bart is reporting a 27% increase of ridership this saturday over last saturday, and the san francisco bay ferry estimates that by the end of the day they would have transported 12,000 to 15,000 riders between san francisco and sale, oakland and alameda. that -- between san francisco,
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vallejo, oakland and alameda. normally they only have 3,000 riders on a weekend day. >> thank you, sharon chin. all right. so traffic gridlock was predicted. people were encouraged to take public transit what does it look like now? gianna franco joins us from the traffic center. >> reporter: people used mass transit as an alternate. we'll show you live pictures right now from chopper 5 which is overhead along near atlantic salmon there and you can see this is where we are going to see most of the traffic conditions as folks head out to the ballpark to cheer on the giants this evening. so you can see embarcadero maybe extra volume but overall not too bad. on the bay bridge this is what it's been like most of the day. not a lot of cars on the road, which is good news for people heading out into san francisco or leaving the city and again, that's where you might see a lot of the traffic. on the maps, to give you an overview of what's happening now on the roads, first of all, if you are planning on working your way into san francisco, again, 280 extension where you
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will see hot spots, giants versus reds, first pitch at 6:37 so folks are already heading there. embarcadero delays are possible there because of america's cup and fleet week. northbound is where we are seeing most of the congestion. gets busy around king street with the right lane closed between washington and bay so that may cause a snag, as well. and hardly strictly bluegrass festival also wrapping up so you will see some cars along the lden gate bridge. so that may be busy, as well. we'll keep you posted but so far much better than expected. >> thank you. so the focus of the very busy day now shifts to at&t park. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in the middle of the crowd ready to get the play- off series started. elissa. reporter: crowds piling into at&t park with thousands expected. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >> we can see the crowds out
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there at at&t park getting ready for the giants play-off game. unfortunately, we lost elissa's microphone. we'll have her report to you shortly. well, another part of this giant weekend puzzle the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. more than 800,000 people are expected to show up over the three days. this year's festival pays tribute to its late founder warren hellman who died last december. clearly this is no ordinary weekend in san francisco. and that presents some unique challenges for police. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec takes us behind the scenes with the men and women in charge of crowd control. >> it's been a huge leadup to this. >> reporter: because along with the spectacle, celebration and excitement, is the potential for trouble. emergency responders say they are ready. >> we've been planning for literally a year or better. >> reporter: it's go time for the department of emergency management gathered at the center on turk street with representatives from the fire
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and police departments, the red cross, and public transit. >> those are all little tidbits of information if something bad really happens you have to know what exists at the time. >> reporter: at the heart of any real emergency response these red telephones, the mayor's emergency telephone system, they look pretty old school but that's on purpose. >> it is analog, plain old telephone system. it's on a separate system so that it's not competing for bandwidth with everybody else on the same circuit. >> reporter: more high-tech the police department's mobile command unit parked in the middle of the action at marina green where they monitor radio traffic and local news reports. >> there's no known threat against the city or any of the events this weekend. but those are things that, as public safety officials, we have to take that type of thing into account. >> reporter: so what if there is a horrible earthquake today? are we prepared. well, we're prepared to manage whatever comes our way. the emergency management. i can't prevent it. i wish i could say that, you
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know, nothing bad ever happens by all this planning. but that's the whole point. whatever happens to get thrown at us, we're prepared to manage it in the best way possible. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. >> our weather providing the perfect back drop for all the weekend events. roberta gonzales is here with the forecast. it's gorgeous. >> it was amazing as driving over the bay bridge heading west into san francisco, could you see in the bay a number of sailboats, more than ever before. what a pristine day. wonderful backdrop as ann said across the entire bay area. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards america's cup, the cats that are racing on the bay as well as all the looky-loos enjoying the beautiful sight. only seen here in this part of the country. we do have a little bit of a wind out of the west up to a good 10, 15 knots steering these boats along. water temperature is 59 degrees. air temperature is 62. upper 50s at this hour in san rafael. 70 san jose. around currently in the low 70s in the eastern portion of
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our bay area inland. now, somebody said we have a baseball game tonight. in fact, it is matt cain on the mound for the good guys. heading out to at&t park, game time is 6:37, you dress in layers. it will be 65 degrees at first pitch and then tumbling into the 50s and by the way, if you are heading to san francisco to continue the enjoyment of fleet week we'll have a high between 60 and 63 degrees under a partly sunny sky. rain is now lurking in our seven-day forecast. we'll pinpoint the day to expect it and that's straight ahead for all things fleet week including up-to-the-minute traffic, go to our website, at the rate they were rising it was bound to happen. california gas prices have hit an all-time average high. a gallon of unleaded regular gas is now pricing at $4.61. that's up 12 cents from yesterday. some stations are even
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charging $5 a gallon. and if you have had to fill up this week you know the feeling. >> there's nothing else i can say except it hurts. i think every time we turn around we're hit with something else. >> that's quite a hike. it's not step by step. it's a big difference. >> the previous record of 4.60 was set back in 2008. the good news experts say we should be close to the peak and prices should fall into next week. >> so if you want to save some cash, we're here to help. go to end your zip code for the -- enter your zip code for the cheapest gas in your area. there are protests that ended with damaged storefronts in downtown san francisco. >> and a mystery in the skies over the middle east. just who was flying the drone that was shot down by the israeli military?
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san francisco caused a big mess it's an anticolonialism
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anti-imperialism anticapitalism anti-fleet week protest. >> a group of 30 protestors in san francisco caused a mess at samsung in california. they broke windows at a nearby starbucks. 40 police officers in riot gear showed up and several people were arrested. a rally in march in downtown san francisco to mark the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan was uneventful. five people were taken into custody in england to face trial in the u.s. were facing charges they conspired to set up an oregon training camp. one man pled not guilty at today's hearing in new york city. four other defendants also entered not guilty pleas to terrorism charges. a fourth straight day of our tell youry fire between syria and turkey on the border between the two countries. on wednesday, shelling by syria killed five civilians in
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a turkish bordertown. turkish officials say they will fire back if any stray shells land within their borders. turkey was a syrian ally but turned against them after president assad's crack down on the syrian uprising. israeli air force video shows fighter jets shooting down a drone that crossed deep into israeli airspace. it was not immediately clear who launched the drone. but suspicion fell on the lebanese group hezbollah. this is the first violation of israeli airspace in 6 years. great time to be a sports fan in the bay area. only problem, there aren't enough seats. how some as fans are trying to take the lid off the oakland coliseum. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening, everybody. let's head back on outside and take a look at the pristine conditions in and around our bay area. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera aboard chopper 5 high in the skies. we continue to see all the activity associated with fleet week. we still have your full sunday
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forecast. that's straight ahead as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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available seats just can't match the demand for playoff tickets. so: fans have st it's a fantastic problem for the oakland as available seats just can't match the demand for play-off tickets. so fans have started an online petition to have the tarps removed from the third level of the coliseum. it would make a big difference. open up the third level and you could sell about 20,000 more tickets. the as will host the detroit tigers on wednesday and thursday. of course, right now they are in detroit. and roberta gonzales is
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joining us now with a look at what kind of weather they might be welcomed home with. >> they are going to be coming back home in a couple of days, it's a two-game series there, the off day then coming back. chance of showers will be out of the forecast by then. certainly good news for the boys of summer because now we're expecting football weather. good evening, everybody. wow, look at that behind me there. i ought to turn around and take a good look at that. is that just beautiful? it's our live cbs 5 weather exam ra aboard chopper 5 looking out towards the golden gate bridge, mount tam, marin headlines. we have perfect conditions out there. the sailboats on the bay enjoying a westerly 10 to 20 knots, water temperature 59 degrees, air temperature in the 60s around the bay. right now redwood city at 70 degrees. san francisco has dropped to 63. and it is now 70 degrees in san jose. now, this is another view of the golden gate bridge where we had the clear skies at the
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bridge, 63 degrees. westerlies are kicking up to 14 miles an hour. sundown 6:46. lots of clear skies tonight with a few clouds building up overnight. then as we begin your week on monday, it will be mostly cloudy and we have that chance of showers in the seven-day forecast. tonight overnight into the 40s and 50s. it looks like again, the clear skies for the most part with a few clouds building. monday pans out to be slightly warmer and then cooler by the end of the week as well. this is our satellite and radar image. you see the clouds will begin to build in to the santa rosa area in the overnight hours. we have the offshore flow continuing for the most part. what's happening is we have an area of low pressure and it's just mixing up that marine layer along the immediate seashore. what does that mean for that right there the hardly strictly bluegrass at golden gate park? 61 degrees were a combination of sun and clouds. now, tomorrow meanwhile temperatures are going down in comparison to today because we
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have the influx of that cloud cover from the trough that's just lurking offshore. 50s at the beaches, 60s across the bay, 70s los altos, 74 degrees in morgan hill and upper 60s in fremont, union city and milpitas. these are some of the warmest temperatures east of the bay inland. 75 degrees in brentwood five degrees below normal for this time of the year. 72 degrees in dublin. and the winds will be relatively flat until late day beginning to pick up out of the west 10 to 20. low 70s in santa rosa for a high and 60 in san francisco so about a 7-degree drop from today. then on monday that trough that's lingering offshore kicks onshore t clouds us up. it produces a slight chance of a shower on tuesday and wednesday. by thursday we begin to see less clouds until we set the stage for more full-on sunshine on friday and saturday. a little more seasonal conditions. but it sounds like it just dropped off like this week we
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had triple digits. >> yes. stark difference. thank you. i don't know where vern begins today because there's so much going on. >> oh, my gosh, my plate is full! >> you're happy. >> absolutely! hey, why not. it's an embarrassment of riches. straight ahead on the other side, no more dress rehearsal! divisional play-offs ahead for the as and giants. and they invaded college football saturday turf, too. how much offense does stanford arizona put up? i threw away the calculator it was so high. come on back.
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season quest started in detroi game-1... all right. baseball playeroffs up top. why not? oakland as post-season quest started in detroit. game one, bottom of the 8th where the tigers are holding a 3-1 advantage. they have been playing the long ball in this one so the as got another at bat to make up some work in that one. one other american league note. terry francona late this afternoon was named the new skipper of the cleveland indians. should be an interesting return to boston for the former red sox manager next season when his indians come to town. let's jump in on the nlds train. giants roughly 40 minutes start a play-off run. orange october over at third and king street. there is starter matt cain. he says, hey, we got to set the tone for tonight. reds skipper dusty baker a playful hug of will clark. he and bruce bochy the last two
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managers to take the giants to the world series. baker around and alive for this one after treatment first for an irregular heartbeat and then a mild stroke. >> all right. >> the way i look at it, it was a blessing for me to be in the hospital when it was, you know, when i had my stroke. so i don't think it's -- i wasn't scared at all especially when i had my family with me. they flew in. they were coming in that day and so, i had everybody on my side. >> he looks good. i know he's excited about, you know, being back on the field and, of course, being in the play-offs as we all are. but it's good to see him and seemed in good spirits and feels good and it's good to see that he has made a full recovery and is back in the dugout. >> all right. so here's a tale of the tape. the reds an edge on the season series 4-3 the giants a better average in battle but the reds a better e.r.a. as i turn to my ladies over
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here to my left before we get to stanford and arizona, alex smith is going to throw out the first pitch tonight. >> oh. >> because the giants and the 49ers have been sharing the love for this one. tim had a good one of the he said if the catcher is covered no truth he will just throw the ball up in the stands. [ laughter ] >> thought that was good. let's roll up college football. stanford and arizona putting up big numbers for this one. down on the farm is where they came down from. and here they go. how would they respond to the loss last week to washington? opening drive, nunes to zach ertz in fact end zone. stanford up 7-0. down 10-7 at the half. less than three minutes left, nunes to toilolo, cards up by 1. stanford again down late in the third, kelsey young not going to stop until he hits the end zone. takes it to the house 55 yards.
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stanford a one-point lead. arizona comes back. they score a couple of times. there is a jump ball caught by terrence miller. arizona led by 7, 48-41. stanford another comeback. they get to within 7. and then nunes a fourth down pass to ertz at the four yard line. that was important. under a minute left nunes with the touchdown to tie the game. they went to overtime. in that extra period, defense needed to make a big stop and they got it. chase thomas comes down with that pick. and stanford would turn that into points in the form of another speeder it back stepfan taylor up the gut and weaves in. 21 yards. stanford wins 54-48. from there we go to the big, big battle of the afternoon, number 10 florida, number 4, lsu. mike.
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>> releasecy with one of his two temperatures for the afternoon. you saw one. how about some insurance? a little later on, he had 146 yards on the ground. it's the gators winning at the swamp 14-6. and has night at kezar stadium, bruce mahoney gained the football version, saint ignatius, sacred hard on defense trying to stop the wildcats.saint ignatius wins 35- 21. the best of three series starting with football, then basketball, then baseball. it's been going on for 119 years. >> wow. >> this series, huh? >> incredible. >> old san francisco. >> all right. that's old school. >> oh, yes. >> a big night here in san francisco and across the bay area. that's for eyewitness news at 5:30. pictures of golden gate park. one of the many festivals the hardly strictly bluegrass. captions by: caption colorado
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